WordPress, Gutenberg, and Atomic Blocks Workshop by Adrianne Kuczynski

WordPress, Gutenberg, and Atomic Blocks Workshop

This FREE workshop is perfect with people struggling with Gutenberg blocks. You will learn how to build a simple website. You you will use the Atomic Blocks Plugin (a collection of blocks) and the Atomic Blocks Theme.

What's included?

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Workshop Details
2 mins
Module 1 - Getting Started
Getting set up in WordPress for this course
1 min
Lesson 1 - Atomic Blocks Plugin and Theme Install.mp4
2 mins
Lesson 2 - Demo of Atomic Blocks & Page Templates.mp4
8 mins
Module 2 - Customize
1 min
Workshop Assets
Lesson 1 - Upload Assets, Add Logo & Site Icon.mp4
4 mins
Lesson 2 - Create Header & Menu.mp4
6 mins
Module 3 - Building Your Pages
1 min
Lesson 1 - Home Page.mp4
16 mins
Lesson 2 - About Us Page.mp4
14 mins
Lesson 3 - Services Page.mp4
14 mins
Lesson 4 - Workshops Page.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 5 - Gallery Page.mp4
8 mins
Lesson 6 - Contact Page.mp4
7 mins
Moving Forward
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Do I need to have some knowledge of WordPress

No. This course is very basic and you will be building a basic site with pages. You will learn about Gutenberg Blocks (the default editor in WordPress) and the Atomic Blocks Plugin. You will be guided step by step.

Do I need to have a live website?

There are a few ways you can go through the course. 
  1. The easiest way is to set up a free test site at https://jurassic.ninja/. Jurassic Ninja is simple, cloud-based, and takes 1 click to get going.
  2. Set up an account at https://wordpress.com/. Keep in mind you would have to pay for the ability to add plugins and the Atomic Blocks Theme. You will also need a domain name.
  3. If you're up to the challenge you can also set up WordPress locally on your computer. Here is a link for a Mac Computer: https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-install-wordpress-locally-on-mac-using-mamp/. If you have a PC you can set up locally with these instructions: https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-install-wordpress-on-your-windows-computer-using-wamp/.

Is there any investment in tools I need to make?

No. WordPress is free, their default editor is Gutenberg and the Atomic Blocks Plugin & Atomic Blocks Theme are also free.

Do I need any images or artwork?

No. All images, artwork and wording are provided.

Hi! I'm Adrianne.

I love teaching DIY entrepreneurs and small businesses to build and maintain their WordPress website. With the knowledge I provide and utilizing the right tools the overwhelm is eliminated so you can increase customers and profits.